Panorama image of the Brockville Community Choir in concert. The Brockville Community Choir
2019 Winter Concert Choir Warmup

Frequently Asked Questions


Who may join the Brockville Community Choir?

Membership is open to anyone who likes to sing.  Director will meet with new members in private to determine voice type only when deemed necessary.


Are there membership fees?

Membership fees must be paid in order to become a singing member of the choir and perform in a concert.

The fees are $100 individual or $175 per couple per session (September/December, and January/May). Students are not charged a membership fee but are expected to take part in ticket sales. Returning members’ fees are due at start up.  A new singer may participate in three consecutive practices without paying the fee.


What are Section Representatives?

These volunteers serve as liaisons between the singers, the executive, and the artistic director.  They record attendance, arrange sectional rehearsals and communicate with their section on section concerns.


How often may a member be absent from rehearsals?

As star members of the team, singers are expected to attend all rehearsals. Any absence must be reported to the Section Rep by email or phone in advance of the rehearsal. In the case of extensive absences, the director will make the decision as to readiness of singer for the concert.


Is it necessary to purchase music?

Upon payment of membership fees, music will be loaned to members from a variety of sources. Only pencil markings on music scores are permitted, and must be erased before returning the music to Librarian.


When are BCC concerts scheduled?

The major concerts of the choir are held in late November or early December and in May.  Additional concerts and “sing-outs” are presented when interest or opportunity warrants.


What is the dress for concerts?

Women: All black tops and long skirts or pants; dark stockings & shoes

Men: Black jackets, white shirts & black bow ties; black trousers, socks & shoes


Are there other ways a member may be involved in choir activities?

PARTICIPACTION:  The Choir expects its members to offer their other talents by assisting in sub-committee activities such as fund raising and advertising when asked.  This sort of teamwork greatly adds to the spirit of fellowship among members.


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