Panorama image of the Brockville Community Choir in concert. The Brockville Community Choir

COVID-19 Protocols for Membership

All indoor choir activities require masking and appropriate distancing.


When registering for a session, have available your

COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination

Choir members are required to keep up-to-date
with all
vaccinations for which they qualify.

The current minimum requirement is
2 vaccinations and 1 booster.

NOTE: We keep no record or copy of the
Proof of Vaccination.


Signing in for a rehearsal, meeting or performance confirms your attendance and your response of NO to all of the following Screening Self-Assessment questions:

– In the last 14 days have you traveled outside the country?

– In the last 10 days have you been in close contact with anyone who is known to have COVID-19 or any symptoms of COVID-19?

– Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48 hours that are NEW or WORSE?
_____ Fever or Chills (Temp. 37.8 C and above)
_____ Cough (barking cough, croup cough)
_____ Shortness of Breath
_____ Loss of taste or Smell
_____ Muscle Ache / Joint Pain
_____ EXTREME tiredness